The Castle Valdaine


In a dark and unforgiving land, mystery abounds. There is no shortage of secrets or treachery, but a new kind of darkness has come forth. Nestled between the jagged mountain peaks, upon the fetid and mournful moors, sits the wretched Castle Valdaine. The castle’s ubiquitous gaze keeps watch over the land, a land where nothing goes unnoticed.

Everything appeared to be in order as Lady Celise Roderick was to see her father one final time before the winter snows made the mountain road impassable. That last meeting, however, would not happen. Before the lady even left the land of Valdaine, she vanished without a trace, with not so much as a clue to who had taken her or where she had gone. It was then that High Constable Angus McCain was tasked with finding the missing girl.

The Castle Valdaine begins the tale of the search for Celise Roderick, as well as the pursuit for those responsible for her disappearance. An enigmatic lord, the Marquis of Valdaine, holds dominion over his land with an iron grip, and Angus must do his best to search for the missing girl while dealing with the intrigues of the eponymous castle. Assisted by his apprentice and friend, Connell, Angus will cross the blighted land and traverse the darkest corners and corridors of the castle itself to find out what has become of Lady Celise.

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