Rainy Days, Blog Future and Upcoming Books

It is raining here in Sacramento, and I love it. Not just because we don’t get enough rain here, but because I can’t think of anything more inspirational than the faint howl of a winter breeze and the taps of the rain drops off the roof. On days like today, I get quite a bit of writing done.

These days also make me think, which made me come up with a focus for this site. I will continue to concentrate on writing advice and theory, some of my loves, but also just more general musings, like the one seen above.

Novella Three of The Castle Valdaine is coming along quite well and is on pace for a January/February release. I am excited to continue to share this wonderful world with my readers, and I hope to get more than two novellas published in 2017.

That is not as much of a hope as a promise. It has been a hectic year, as we all can attest, and I hope 2017 proves to be better.

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